2020. 09. 18

Cerari Guest House closed

Thank you for your patronage for a long time, the sister store French & Italian Gallery on B1F is open, please use it.

2020. 08. 07

Recruitment of tenants

Main building B1F Rental store 2 92.63㎡ We are looking for tenants. Please feel free to contact us. Shinjuku Satellite Co., Ltd. 03-3342-2061 (Contact: Iijima)

2020. 07. 31

Stores with changed business format from August 8

Regarding Baron, Manhattan, and Fujita, some business forms have changed. Please see each store page.

2020. 05. 08

About Corona's business

Each store has different operating conditions, so please call the store in advance to visit us.

2019. 12. 01

This is Multilingual HP

Please select your language from the top right pull down. You can see it in a foreign language.
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