2022 stamp rally

stamp banner

Implementation period: September 2022 (Wednesday) to November 9 (Friday), 1

If you visit 5 or more rally participating shops during the period, you can receive a discount service with the following contents.(It's a rally over shops, you can't get it twice at the same shop)

(1) XNUMX stamps¥ 1,000-Discount
(2) with 10 stamps¥ 3,000-Discount
(3) with 20 stamps¥ 10,000-Discount
Once you have collected 20 to XNUMX stamps, hand over your card at the cash register.
(no change will be given)

●Participating stores in the stamp rally
Ministop / Baron / KADO / Family Mart / Fresco Cafe / Zauo / Kakiyaki Hajime / Raffine / Gallery / Capricciosa / Florist Hanari / Motsuki / Takara no Kura / Haechon / Kyushu Necchuya / Naminori Sushi / Taman Biryani / Alpha Futopia/O2care/
〈Participating shops are displayed at the entrance〉

* After stamping, you can use it at the following stores in addition to the above.

Fujita / Manhattan Table / THE HUB / Chibor /

Service has limits.Please use it as soon as possible.