〒160-8336 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3-2-9

icon_walk  Walk
Walk about 8 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station south exit (Underpass is also directly connected)
icon_bus bus
It will come even migratory bus (fare 100 yen) from Shinjuku west exit.
Please boarding from "Shinjuku Station West Exit Keio Department Store, before 21 number" bus stop.
For more information such as the time tableShinjuku WE bus Web site]for more information.
icon_car Car
- About 4 minutes from the Metropolitan Expressway 5 Route Shinjuku lamp.
· Parking 151 stand 24 time sales (à la Shinjuku Washington Hotel)
- Hotel guests, both customers of restaurants available, it takes a parking fee of the following for each time zone.
[30 minutes ¥300 all day] <Maximum charge 24 yen for 1,900 hours after parking>
Parking details[See here]
Car parking tickets issued in the store are also available, please contact us to each store.
- Please come in the underpass from the South Exit in a rainy day, it is directly connected to the station.